Hamoun Badpar , Mehdi Parastar , Samad Tavana , Amin Rostamizade , Mohammadhossein Zahmatkesh , Soleyman Sasson , Mohammad Sameie , Hadi Ziaoddini , Mohammad Fasounaki , Omid Moshksar , Ahmad Nasrollahi , Mohammadali Nikooray

First ; Necessity :
Iranian art or capital art ?
In most discussion, the evidence which is seen in the capital , has been more considered . Art of capital includes all of our demands from the present Iranian art : economics , audience , quality , concept , identity , contemporary … .
While most of these masterpieces have been done by the people who have immigrated. From everywhere to capital . With hope or necessity .
The focus on art could has been less biased , the expansion of product and displaying present art institution could have been tangible in everywhere and necessity to immigration could have been faded .

Second ; Hypothesis :
It is obvious that the producers of art are found everywhere . It is not restricted to the geographic border and it had never been .
Our present lifestyle it shows the more we go further from human colony , the more we observe several factors in life . Behavior as a result the production individuals : solitude , silence , honestly , impetuosity .

Third ; Method :
We are aware of our coordinate , We are conscious about our ability and inability , We know all things which are made wrongly can’t be diminished suddenly , We know that amount of carelessness to the art of everywhere except capital can’t be finished by a night .
We know despite of all the positive points , There are holes in production of the artist . Perhaps it is not limited to the border .
Our method is observing and choosing . Ev’s door is open . Ev eager to see and discover .

Finally ; Goal :
Ev would like to notice to everywhere except capital which are deserved for a long time .
Ev would like to be platform to express quality, to expert quality and to create quality .
Ev is home .