Centerless Project No.5 Gilan | Zahra Amiryeganeh



Master of Painting, Tehran University of Arts
Bachelor of Painting, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Solo Exhibitions :
2020 Painting Exhibition , Alluvium , Shirin Art Gallery , Tehran
2018 Painting Exhibition , The Past Is Not Even Past , Shirin Art Gallery , Tehran
2017 Painting Exhibition , The Remains of the Day , Hepta Gallery , Tehran

Group Exhibitions:
2020 Group Exhibition, Centerless Project No. 5, Gilan, Ev Art Gallery, Tehran
2019 Group painting exhibition. Memorial of Hamid Aghakhani. Ou Gallery, Rasht
2019 The first Shahr Visual exhibition . Mellat Campus Gallery. Tehran
2018 Gilan painters Painting exhibition , Masuleh Expo
2018 Painting group exhibition , Memory Space Time , Mellat Campus Gallery. Tehran
2017 Illustration Exhibition , Under The Aban’s Umbrella , Zemestan Gallery , Khane Honarmandan
2017 Group Painting Exhibition – Shahnoosh Gallery. {Title: This is a lifeless nature} Bandar Anzali
2017 Group Painting Exhibition , Daargoun Art Gallery
2013 Group Painting Exhibiton , Anzali
2011 Gilan Painting Biennial
2011 The sixties Gilan painters, Pouya Gallery , Rasht
2009 Painting Exhibition, Tehran Art College Gallery
2009 Illustration Exhibition , Laleh Art Gallery , Tehran
2008 Painting Exhibition, Saba Cultural and Art Museum, Tehran
2006 Painting Exhibition, Kamaluddin Behzad Gallery, Tehran
2005 Painting exhibition, Simorgh Cultural Center, Neishabour


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