Centerless Project No.4 Shiraz | Sahar Najafi



Painter, illustrator and teacher
2011 Master of Arts Research from Shahed University, Tehran
2009 Bachelor of Painting from Shahed University, Tehran

Solo Exhibition :
2017 Painting exhibition “It is easier to breathe in sleep”, Naranj Gallery, Shiraz
2013 Painting and design exhibition, Vesal Gallery, Shiraz
2013 Illustration Exhibition, Chaharso Gallery, Shiraz
2009 Painting exhibition with Azam Golkar, Atbin Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibition :
2020 Group Exhibition, Centerless Project No.4 , Shiraz , Ev Art Gallery, Tehran
2020 Painting, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran
2019 Painting, Leto Gallery, Belgium
2019 Painting, Leto Gallery, France
2019 Painting, Rastak Honar, Afrand Gallery, Tehran
2018 Painting, Zone de Art, Strasbourg, France
2018 Painting, Vesal Shirazi Gallery, Shiraz
2018 Painting, Nil Gallery, Shiraz
2018 Painting, Ashena Gallery, Shiraz
2017 Painting in memory of Nima, Vesal Gallery, Shiraz
2017 Painting, Jam Gallery, Shiraz
2017 Painting, Naranj Gallery, Shiraz
2017 Design, Vesal Gallery, Shiraz
2017 Iranian Spring, Taropood Gallery, Shiraz
2016 Gozar Ordibehesht, Taropood Gallery, Shiraz
2015 Design, Bidben Gallery, Shiraz
2007 Painting, Shahed Gallery, Shiraz


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