Centerless Project No.2 Zahedan | Ali Rashki



Ma, Illustration, Tehran University of Art
Bachelor, Painting, Tehran University of Art

Solo Exhibitions:
2012 Solo exhibition in Iranian Artists Forum , Tehran
2002 Solo exhibition in Aftab Gallery, Kerman
1999 Solo exhibition in Zahedan Red Crescent
1998 Solo exhibition in Ershad Zahedan

Group Exhibitions:
2020 Group exhibition, Centerless, N. 2, Zahedan, Ev Art Gallery
2008 Group exhibition – veteran professors and designers in Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran
2007 Group exhibition – Zahedan’s students and professors Faculty of Art, Saba Cultural Center
2006 Group exhibition – Zahedan’s professors School of Art in Saba Cultural Center
2006 World Handicrafts International Exhibition in Berlin, Germany


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